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Do You Have A Fencing Project We Can Help You With?


We understand selecting a fencing contractor can sometimes be a difficult choice. Which is why we are on hand to make it simple!

Many people don’t have a regular fencing installer and if you do, perhaps you should take a look at a new contractor!

A good fence its something that should only be changed a handful of times in a lifetime! So knowing who to choose can often be very difficult.

Especially with contractors claiming to specialise in fencing but often only popping up in the summer leaving you with nowhere to turn if you  encounter any problems in the future.

At Fence Machine we offer full customer satisfaction ensuring you confidence when working with us! Not only do we have years of experience, but also reviews which amplify our extremely high levels of customer service.

At Fence Machine we are solely a domestic fencing installer, making us professionals and specialists in this field! We also trade 365 days 12 months per year, meaning you can contact us as anytime to help with your new fence installation!

At Fence Machine we have been installing fencing for over 10 years and have installed a huge array of different types of fencing.

With experience comes knowledge and working within a huge array of gardens over East London makes us extensively knowledgeable in this field.

With East London and West Essex comprising of so many different property types, from acre estates in Epping to Terraces houses in Bow and everything in between we have all the skills and experience to fulfil your needs from idea to completion.

Where some companies and contractors may stumble at the smallest hurdle, we continue to lead the race. Having installed fencing on small balconies, gardens with steep hills and properties with restricted access on many occasions, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen and worked with before!

Reputation matters!

Reputation means so much to us!  We have successfully and continuously worked with new clients on a daily basis over the last 10 years and have 100% positive reviews and feedback from each a of our clients.

With the majority of our business being made through recommendations and word of mouth our reputation makes us stand above the rest!

Especially with the internet being very widely used and making the world a very small place, over every customer reviewing platform we have yet to receive a single negative review! Not bad for over 10 years of trading!

So when it comes down to reputation, look no further as we are without fail on top of our game and the best in the business when it comes to domestic fencing in East London and West Essex.

At Fence Machine we understand it can be a difficult to choose between best service and the best price.

Undoubtedly we provide the best service and our price promise enables us to also offer you the best price

We price match against any reputable fencing company within 5 miles which offers the same service using the same materials . Provide us with a written quotation and we’ll take care of the rest!

Starting as a one man band, we haven’t grown that much!

You will always be dealing directly with people who care and have a passion for Fence Machine and everything we stand for.

Every quote and enquiry is dealt with directly by our manager, giving you a direct contact for all of your questions and queries, unlike other companies where you can easily be speaking to 10 different people! And our installations are carried out by our founder and his fencing installation team!

Meaning you will be always dealing with a person who has a passion for fencing and your service!

Being a small business this doesn’t stop us from being able to facilitate your needs regardless of the size of your project!

With a small selection of trained fencing installers we are able to erect fencing of any nature to completion with a smile!

Give us a call today for a quote for your fencing needs!