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Concrete Post & Gravel Board

Concrete Post and Gravel board fencing are the most common types of fencing clients are familiar with, creating a robust fencing system, consisting of a concrete structure with replaceable timber fence panel inserts.

With the harsh weather the UK has to offer throughout the seasons, the concrete post and gravel board fencing style can still look great and withstand the seasons for a long length of time.

The main reason this style fencing can withstand the test of time is because the framework is not vulnerable to rot as the post and gravel boards are constructed using concrete with the timber panel elevated from soil or moist ground.

If your fence is kept within a shady area of your garden where there can be constant moister, this is where certain fences can be susceptible to wood rot, however this is where using concrete posts and gravel boards can work to your advantage as concrete can withstand many conditions and provide you with confidence in the lifetime of your new fence.

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Concrete fencing and concrete frame fencing are both common terms used to describe one of the most robust and most popular looking fencing system.

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